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OMG that is so beautifully over the top! I think the idea of carrying the coffin around is genius! And you know, this must be an LA thing. My other friend in LA, Erika (she sometimes comments on my blog) says that her street is like transformed into the facades of haunted houses. A few of her neighbors are set designers. I think y'all just do it up right out there.

Tater Mama

I am impressed beyond measure and can't wait to see pictures from the parade! (But that ghost? Too. Stinkin'. Cute.)


Woah. Can I just, like, touch you, virtually speaking? Because that is INSANELY IMPRESSIVE. And this is coming from a Halloween junkie. Genius! Brilliant! BRAVO, GRETCHEN, BRAVO!!

We await pictures.

The Bug

Amazing! Definitely over the top - but in a good way. I wore my Professor McGonegall witch hat to work today, but hardly anyone dressed up. I feel a little conspicuous, but can't take it off now with all this hat head...

The Lawyer Mom

So. So! How did it go?!!!!

I am so in awe of your superior Betty Crockerness that I'm just speechless. I have no words. Only an utmost respect.


Your mom was beautiful just like you.

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