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I consider myself a reader too - but the internet has definitely put a dint in my production the last few years! That blasted Farm Town (you should friend me so I can harvest for you - heh)...

I remember Nancy Drew & Encyclopedia Brown - but I guess that's a little older than Jude right now...


my fav was the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe! But reading nowadays? I consider it a guilty pleasure to pee by myself w/o an audience of little people. :)

Sarah at themommylogues

I love books! And it's just an amazing thing to hear your child read. My favorites growing up were the Boxcar Children, and the Four Story Mistake (great book!). I remember my mom reading me James and the Giant Peach. My parents owned a weekly newspaper and one of them always had to be there, so our vacations were split. I'd take a vacation with my mom, and later one with dad. But on the rare occasion we all went in the car somewhere together, we'd bring piles of books, and take turns reading out loud. My grandma taught be to read before kindergarten (I think just to keep me busy), and I long for my girls to love reading like I did and do.

Michele Renee

Great post Gretchen--rather then lamenting over the lost adult book-reading time you remind us of the new ones we discover, or the favorites of the old days. I am finding that I like a lot of the newer books for my youngest son such as Shredderman (there are 4 of them) and am getting bored (me not him) on Beverly Cleary.
I help pick out books for my middle schoolers and also like to sometimes read to them the stuff they have to read for school (Shakespeare, Poe, Greek myths).
I also think about the great animated movies I would have never seen if it wasn't for the kids, i.e. Finding Nemo.

The Lawyer Mom

How smart of you to keep a book journal!

Uncle Wiggily crowded out my grown-up reading for a while but now I'm back. "This is Where I Leave You" is on my nightstand now and I can hardly wait to climb into bed.


Oh, this was so sweet. Sam has been reading on his own since kindergarten, and I miss reading to him. At least I still have Jack in thrall for a few more years.

And even though I have boys, they LOVE the Junie B. Jones book. Very funny.

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