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That is AWESOME! Those have got to be two of the most music savvy little boys ever.

And I think it is truly touching how involved in the characters' emotions they were!


Those are both really sad songs - very perceptive little boys!

Michele Renee

That is so cool!
And thank you for the lyrics. I never knew them.

The Lawyer Mom

Gee, thanks, Gretchen. After my lovely bath, I've wet my pants. Next time, a little warning to ground control would be nice.

You don't even want to know how long I thought it went "Secret Asian Man"?

Mr. M still thinks Pink Floyd's song says "Hey! Teachers! Don't leave those kids alone." (Though I admit I'm now re-thinking the merits of these parent-crafted lyrics.)


I can't wait until my kids are old enough to have conversations like that. Mostly so I can laugh at them. In a good way.


That is HILARIOUS. Oh. My. I'm still giggling. Yes, poor, poor Major Tom!

D. Goleman tells us that empathy is one of the indicators of true life success. Those boys are going FAR.

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