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Michele Renee

It took me about ten minutes before I saw the recipe because I was fixated on the word "erection" several lines above it.
It is Friday and I am stressed. I may have to make this tonight and find places for the kids to spend the night.

Carolyn Online

Awww. I used to have that playgroup. Sigh. Our kids got old and busy and in school and off to soccer and tennis and whatever. But those were good times.

The Lawyer Mom

Baby, when's the next E-Vent? I'll be there with bells on.

That, my friend, is quite a recipe, for a good-friends mix and for libations.


I'm going to do that.

You are the Thomas Edison of drinkies.


I wanta be in that playgroup!

And, hmm, since I am a couple timezones away, I can have *my* BLT for lunch, right??

Thanks for the recipe!!


You girls are ALL MOST welcome to join us any Friday. Just let me know when you're heading west and I'll let the Mommies know. We love a good "guest" mom!



How much do I wish I still lived there. And could have attended that little gathering. Especially in light of Jensen's propensity to drop trowel at public gatherings.

And my love of all things Tequila.

And of course I would have brought my own pomegranate. :)

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