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Sarah at themommylogues

How scary! Is Randy & Jon's house in more danger? Cause that looks like danger. Definitely praying for all y'all. (did I pull that y'all off? I probably did until I asked about it.)


That is scary! Glad you guys are safe, but, yes, I'll be praying for those who are in the path...


I got a frantic call from my Grandma in Missouri to see whether the fires are anywhere near us. This is the same woman who did NOT call when she went in the hospital.

The fires are nowhere near us either. I live right in the middle of Urbania. Haven't seen a tree that wasn't planted by a gardener for months!


This is all very scary. And I remember, all too well, when we lived in CA, any time there was any earthquake anywhere, my phone would ring with family back east, saying, "Did you feel that?"

That's an amazing picture!

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