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Oh what a hard thing - it sounds like you did it very gracefully though.

A lot of folks in the blogosphere have been talking about what a rough week it has been for them - something in the air? Whatever it is, I sure hope it moves itself right along now!

Michele Renee

I am so sorry that she is gone and I am so amazed at how long she lived. You were obviously a great mom to her.
I was a mom to to several animals before kids and had to make that same decision a few years ago.
Hope this week is better for you!


What a hard thing to do...I am sitting at my desk at work no less with tears in my eyes...thinking of you!


so sorry for your loss...it is always a hard decision, to allow them to pass.


Oh, I'm so sorry about your kitty.


Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm all teary. It sounds like you gave her a beautiful and comforting send-off though.

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