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Oh, that is so adorable. What a little romantic you've got! I can just picture him getting down on one knee.

Sarah at themommylogues

I send my little first grader off tomorrow. We've just moved so it's a new school too. Kindergarten was one thing, but first grade seems to be a whole other animal. Kindergarten is cute & little & playful. First grade is SCHOOL.


and oh those first grade boys...such a different animal than lil girls. mine thinks he is king of the world. he keeps telling me how big he is and that he doesnt need me to tell him what to do...funny he still needs me to snuggle him every night and tuck him into bed, but that seems to go out of his mind when he wants me to let him go alone. "i am a big kid mom I can walk to class by myself."

Tater Mama

Oh, I've missed reading blogs -- especially yours! I've returned to teaching this year after 3 years away, and these first four (yes, FOUR) weeks have kicked my you-know-what. It's a whole new ballgame working and having children. Duh.

Anyway, I taught 1st grade for 3 years, and it's such a great year! I am sure Jude's teacher will be absolutely wild about him. It's almost impossible not to love first graders.

This year I'm teaching 5th graders, and, sadly, I can't say the same. Haha!

I hope Jude's first day was wonderful!

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