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I'm like Jude - I don't like loud or high pitched squealy noises. I blame my brother for scaring me by banging on things when I was a child. But my husband LOVES fireworks! He doesn't go to any of the neighborhood blow-outs because of me (and also because we're old & lazy now). I feel kind of bad keeping him from his favorite thing, but we watch them on TV, so it's ok, right? There was that one time he suckered me into going to our town's fireworks - & I was driving LOL! I'm not blonde, but I play one in real life...

Laura Phelps

Luke experienced the fireworks at Disney. It was NOT the happiest place on earth. Covered ears...crying..."wanna go home...wanna go home"...you get the picture. We don't even bother trying, let alone thinking about going to see fireworks. We USED to live in what we called "the hood" and we could sit in our very own living room and see major explosives being set off. Then a man masturbated in my window and we moved. There went the fireworks.

michele renee

At least you were near home! And at least yours probably doesn't recite every line from the movie "Joe Dirt" with David Spade including the scene where Joe Dirt mentions the name of about every fireworks known to humankind. And yeah to him liking meat and football!

jessica Bern

I love fireworks but like typical NYer I let other people light them up. If I went near those things, I'd be without at least a few fingers and possibly my nose

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