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Sarah at themommylogues

I think the media didn't really cover Mother Teresa's funeral much, because they were too busy with Princess Diana. Also sad. One of my college roommates got up at 5 am or something to watch her funeral.

MJ's was a strange funeral. On the one hand, I'm not sure there was anyone in the world more out of touch with reality and with a more bizarre life so perhaps this was just fitting. On the other, I got to see Stevie Wonder sing. Bonus. Kobe Bryant spoke. What?? Why? Weird. And then MJ's daughter speaking and crying about her daddy - heart wrenching. And yet, on a whole it was so strange that I really started to wonder if he was going to pop up out of the casket and moonwalk on it.

T with Honey

I've had very similar feelings about the funeral. When I heard that MJ died I whispered a small prayer for him, his family and thought "at least maybe now he can find some peace." The circus surrounding his death seems off the wall and inappropriate.


Circus is right - did the whole entertainment world take the last week off? All my headlines have been about MJ...


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I completely agree...

the mama bird diaries

It breaks my hearts to see his kids. I don't really care about his musical legacy or allegations... I just hate seeing 3 young kids lose their father.


My only complaint and it's a big one is who the fuck paid for this? We live in a state that has cancelled summer school, can't afford to have people work every day of every week, is taking health care away from 1 million kids who are desperate for it and on and on.....Sorry I don't care who he was/is, this was an insult to every person in need in this state.

Yes, he was a great performer and I can appreciate wanting to celebrate his incredible contribution to the music world but there are so many people in my area who are suffering right now, today and that money could have really helped them....

Laura Phelps

so unlike the media to do something like this, dont ya think?


Yes, yes, well said. I thought it was is such poor taste on so many levels. Perhaps if the casket wasn't there...

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