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Tater Mama

That is impressive. I'm still lugging around a diaper bag. I love the reasons I still carry it, but the first thing I'm buying when Small Fry is potty trained will not be little boy underwear. I am splurging on a purse. A big, honkin', impractical but completely "in" purse that does NOT have 12 pockets inside. :)


Yowza! That is a lot of stuff in that there purse. I am still chortling over the tampon incident. Hilarious! Things in my purse turn that gray color too. I don't know how there's dirt in there, but there is.


I just spent what (for me) was a crazy amount of money for a Miche bag - so I don't have room anymore for all of that stuff. But back in the day... And I don't have kids, so I'm not sure how I ended up with all that stuff - & usually I would have a paperback in there too!

jessica Bern

Jimmy Hoffa. That's what in my purse


Dear Lord, woman. That is not a purse, that is luggage.

A few months ago at church, I pulled a tampon out of my purse during the offering.

Not sure how a tampon could help further the Lord's work, but...

And I did this whole spill your purse thing for my blog a couple of years ago. I was so horrified by my packrattedness, I've kept a clean purse since.

Except for a stray tampon or two.


I know i'm three years late, but...

If you (or any of the commenters) ever take up using non-applicator tampons then I would 100% suggest cutting your old tic tac container along the rims where the lid meets the container, taking the lid off and putting three tampons in it. You can use the pully thing to pull the whole lid off easy as can be. Best idea i've ever came up with - haven't had a flying tampon incident since! :)

(if you really want you could paint some nail polish onto the outside of it too)

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