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I can't wait for the progress reports!

Laura Phelps

Women who have had work done look older. I am sure of this. Trust me. No one is more bothered by their wrinkles than me. I hate them. They bother me daily. But go ahead. Check out a woman with work done. They look like they had work done. And why? Because they are old.

You are beautiful.. You are still hot in a bathing suit. I know. I saw. Take that stupid ass thing off of your head, even if your hubby never noticed it. (put it on his dick. Then he'll notice!)

Haven't you heard? Looking old is the new young.


That would look awesome paired with a breathe-right strip!


Hmm - I'll be following your progress with great interest. I'm 45 & just this year am seeing those very same signs on my face.

Michele renee

Hey, I was just at Mount Rushmore and the sculptor decided to capture those presidents' faces when they were young. Those faces are smooth granite!
Anyway, I could have written this. The wrinkle awareness hit me about two years ago. Before that, I had them, yes, but I was always younger looking. Now, in the last year the jowls have dropped and I hate that. Plus just this year I have the fine lines leading into my lips.
I get what you say about not wanting to go the Botox route. I also blame the face wrinkles on sleep. For me, I sleep always on my left side and my left temple and eyebrow area totally reflects that. I guess I could get some long bangs and hide behind them but then I'd have to spend time on my hair...
I did see ads in magazines for these adhesives that go on the sides of the eyes. I think these are meant to plump on the moisture there.
Hopefully one day I will be happy that I am natural in the face, the way I have always been happy that I am natural in the small bust.


Okay, I learned about Frownies from Lawyer Mom. I bought myself a box, and have worn them a few times. You know, I think they probably do something. The first morning I woke up after wearing one, I thought my forehead looked smoother. So it can't hurt! My problem is that I dont wear them every night.


I've got the same thing. I have one word of advice for you.





I have the same problem, lovely frown lines and am sure they make me look 10 years older. I was looking into Botox (even though my husband would be dead against it), and whilst looking came across your website for Frownies.

Are they working, and if so where do I get some??!!


I can't believe you still have that certificate. Thank goodness California doesn't have expiration dates! I can't wait to hear (see) how this is going when I see you next!

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