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I have never sent nor received a thank you note in conjunction with a child's birthday party other than for mailed gifts from out of town relatives. And for what it's worth I was not raised in or near a barn. Feel free to compare yourself to me if it helps.


Dang it. This just reminded me that I haven't sent out a Christmas card in something like 3 years.

I am HORRIBLE about getting thank you notes out in a timely manner.

I blame Uncle Francis, too. Just because I can't think of anyone else to blame.


Just so you know... I have never in my life ever written, sent or received a thank you note for gifts received/given at birthday parties.

It's not part of our culture. We just thank the person when we receive the gift, receive the thanks there and then when we give the gift, and that's the end of the story. If it was given on behalf of someone, we ask the person to say thanks on our behalf as well.

And no, we were not raised in a barn - there are no barns in Singapore... except in the zoo. You might consider moving here. Then you wouldn't be haunted by this need to write thank you notes. :)

Fantastic Forrest

Oh, sure, blame the poor dead gay guy. If I hadn't seen your comment about the "Jesus had two daddies" tee, I might misinterpret this.

As it is, well...I'm happy to now have someone to blame for all my unwritten thank you notes. Thanks, Gretchen. Sorry, Francis.

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