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The Bug

I was laughing out loud the whole time I read this - sorry to find humor in your pain, but we're moving so we're buying shelves & things with SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED & my husband has been using similar language.

You'll really enjoy all of your hard work on those hot California days though!


I can totally relate to all of this. We have a similiar pool, with the same frustration. The dryer vent is brilliant!


I can totally see your pearl wearing mother losing it over the sewing machine. You paint a wonderful picture.

As far as the pool escapade, well, let's just say I wish I had been there.

Hiding behind the wall snickering.

Because I'm that kind of friend. :)


I proud of you, only a woman like you could handle being married to such an extreme non-handyman. Mary was impressed that you've turned your backyard into a kid wonderland, where everyone wants to come hang out. She didn't mention anything about cursing or sangria though. Good job!

Mommy Lisa

Hmmmm guacamole and sangria? Can I come this summer??? I promise I won't stay for two months.

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