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Absolutely love this post! Jude is so handsome. Fun watching the boy change to a man. And our oldest grandson is doing the Austin version of Cotillion. Boots acceptable for the boys.


What a wonderful experience for your son...I remember my sister telling me of a similar program in her school district... I need to find out if we have this too. It is wonderful that your son has developed such wonderful manners and although you like to think it's because of the cotillion, I am sure his parents actions and good manners are part of it as well.
He is a handsome little boy....be proud!


Ginny Marie

What fun! I don't think we have anything like that here. It's neat that other schools are involved so Jude is meeting new people. I would definitely send my girls!


I adore this, I do. Why does his blondeness always shock me, though? I mean, I know he's blonde, but that distinguished picture's blondeness puts me visualizing him back in the surf maybe.


It's wonderful that he found he liked it so much. We have far to go with the table manners with our boys, but they are polite to most people and generally behave well. Just the whole fork using thing....

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

He is so sweet! I'm happy he enjoyed himself so much. Yes, you may have to worry a little he is so good with the ladies! LOL!

shelly martischewsky

I love your writing. are you blogging at all except for spin cycle now? I miss the regular posts. Jude is such a gentleman, what a proud mama you should be!! Better figure out a way to keep the girls at bay.

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