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Great Story it brought tears to my eyes....eww that restaurant is something else blah! Thanks for the post love the animal cell-awesome job! Marisa


My son ought to watch that. He and I are running now and he wants to but quits easily. I think he'll get over that once he begins doing actual races though.

Jan's Sushi Bar

No, they don't take kids' tonsils out any more. They wait until you're 47 and remove them unnecessarily these days. (Not that I'd know anything about that. Ahem.)

My stomach did a slow roll over the "bathroom-themed" restaurant and their culinary offerings. Asians are weird, and I will be joining you in not partaking. The whole thing is just...gross.

Did Jude get a good grade on his pizza? It was such a GREAT idea!


Those Mammo-grahams are cute. And a reminder that I need to make the appointment to go have my girls squashed for the first time. So, thanks?


Just stopping by for a Random Visit. Fun Post.

Janice Adcock

Great post and so nicely random. Youngest Grandson had his tonsils removed when he was 5, just two years ago. The video is a tear jerker for sure. First cousin, Jerry Miller, was most handsome in highschool, played college level football in Texas, was later the superintendent of Richardson, TX, Lake Highlands and Pearse schools and just a nice all around guy. We watched as Parkinson's took everything about his physical and, eventually, mental being from him. He is buried next to my folks gravesite. Both ALS and Parkinson take the ones we love in a tortured way.


The restaurant = ewwww... I'm not sure why they thought it would work in the U.S. We're pretty squeamish about that sort of thing.

Love the pizza turned animal cell. Y'all are so clever.

Yeah, I do her too. If I ever had that lesbian affair. Of course, with my luck she wouldn't be into me.

A Facebook User

Yes, kids still get their tonsils out but the standards to justify it are much higher. Two infections a year don't cut it. I had mine out in 1990 and the higher standard applied. I think I had to have 5 infections within a year. I was basicly was sick for 6 months straight and the doctor said enough and took them out. A little boy in Enzo's preschool when through the same thing and had then taken out.


Those are too funny. I think Jude's project is ingenious! Not sure I'll ever look at pizza the same way!

Ginny Marie

I give Jude an A+! :)

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