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 Elizabeth Aquino

I'm in as long as we don't have to submit to a priest.


well, being the product of 13 (K-12)years of a Catholic education I can say that most of the girls that went to Catholic school wanted to be a nun at one time or another. My sister and I used to even 'play nun'. lol. We wore slips on our heads because yes, I am that old, and nuns wore habits then. I quit wanting to be a nun when I found out that they had to be quiet during meals. I am a big mouth. But...... I enjoyed this article. I had many nuns for teachers and my favorite was my 2nd grade one who left the convent for another woman. lol....... My children were fortunate to have some great nuns at SFDS in Sherman Oaks. I loved that school and especially the principal, Sr. Ellen Marie. I never thought of why they seemed so happy but you might have hit the nail on the head.,..... no worries and no husbands. hahahhaaha hey, my kids already think I am a holy roller (can't for the life of me understand why) so if I do become a nun it sure won't surprise them. You'd make a good one too. ha.


THe thought of no worries about my future appeals to me, but the process of becoming one would be a bit difficult--as I am not Catholic. I was raised sort of Baptist/Methodist. Definitely protestant. It is an intriguing thought though.


I remember my 2nd grade teacher, Sister Christina telling the class that boys could grow up and be anything they wanted to be... even President! But girls either got married or became nuns. At that very moment I thought, I'm screwed.

But now after 19yrs of marriage and 2 boys I find myself daydreaming about a quieter, less stressful life. Recently, my thoughts have drifted to a monastic life so I find this post rather appealing. My only problem is that I've never been very good at sitting still during Mass.

janice adcock

Hmmmm. I may already be there except the Jesus husband thing. Comfortable cloths, shoes and short hair! And I love just smiling.


A Unitarian Universalist nun? (I'm trying to think of a good punchline here, but I think it's inherent in the question.)

I must admit, it sounds lovely & peaceful, though!


"And that's pretty much how they all dress. Modest, clean, simple, functional. Sensible shoes." You just described what most people think of librarians. So knowing librarians do you think those nuns have hidden tattoos, sexy underwear (or no underwear) and pierced belly buttons?


I love your back up plan - I went to Catholic School from K - 8th grade...back then the Nuns wore habits, not so nice..but we listened to the singing nun...I watched the flying nun re-runs! At five or six I wanted to be either a nun or a Go Go Dancer ( hail to Goldie Hawn) LOL !These days yes I can relate to a less joyous persona and I have fantasized to go over to a Nuns convent in my neighborhood and asked if I can stay for a week a month or longer just to relax a bit..hey I would even cook and clean just as long as I can have some quiet personal time...a girl can dream right!!!! Thank you for the post!!!

Shelly Martischewsky

Can nuns have cocktail hour? It's a deal breaker.


When you put it that way it sounds like a great idea. There are a few things I'd have trouble with. Like sharing a bathroom and having people think I want to hear their problems. Los Angeles water damage

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