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I tried Candy Crush. I got to like level 12 or 15 in a half hour but realized I had NO idea what I was doing. Love those polish colors (the boy asked for blue on his toes the other day and daddy and the sisters all said no. :o( Poor him. I was all for it). As for the tilapia, I do love that fish, but I read an article the other day about how it's treated when coming from China. Our fish is made in China. (Is this true? I'm too lazy to find out if the article was reputable).


I just finished a Candy Crush level I have been on for a few weeks now. The Candies lined up just right. Ha!
I read Outlander and the next two books and then got tired of the fact that they never really win--stuff happens to that family kind of like a historical soap opera. I burned out. I enjoyed them while I was reading them though.


That Candy Crush level was intense. I am now stuck on level 181 and can not beat it.


Thanks for sharing ....one suggestion why not use the Misto spray for the oil you can use your own oil. check it out.

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