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The drinking might help. So far we have been able to deflect Turbo's more thrill seeking urges. We understand them--Nick raced mountain bikes for years, we both rock climbed--with ropes and harnesses and all. We aren't going to get to avoid it forever. He desperately wants to zip line. We now have a kayak. I see ER trips in our future.

Janice Adcock

Oh, my young blogger friend. I know that pain of watching a son with a desire for adventure. Terror was in my heart when he packed for the Philmont Boy Scout 72 mile, two week hiking trip at 13 years old. He had to: have a bear bag to suspend food from trees; wore no deodorant cause that attracts bears; spend numerous days in wild, New Mexico mountains with just a few adults. For the record, we just burned some of his clothing it was soooo stinky. He will be 40 in 6 weeks. I still fret over some of his adventures.

Michele R

i almost got hives just looking at the photo. Once I had kids, heights freak me out. I am that mom that barks at her kids when they hike near waterfalls.

 Elizabeth Aquino

Well, you're so not a ninny. You actually DO those things with your son -- because he wants you to. I have two boys that do that stuff, and I just say NO.

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