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unmitigated me

I always wanted my son to use the gamer tag, "Malibu Barbie." He wouldn't go for it, but how hilarious would that be? "You were killed by Malibu Barbie."


You know I'm with you in videogame dorkdom. I also struggle with the number of hours I should let the girls play. However, I'm very comfortable playing my own games when they are playing theirs, even if it means I have to play for several hours. (Did I mention I got another iPad the other day to minimize the gaming time conflicts we kept encountering? Sad, I know.)

Julianna, in particular, has become a bit obsessed with the Minecraft videos - Stampy is one of her favorites, too. I have decided that to minimize my guilt over the amount of time they play and watch, I should at least learn to play Minecraft, too! Then we can discuss the creepers, etc. together. Family harmony and togetherness at its finest!


Turbo would think you are the most awesome mom ever. I play video games, but can't bring myself to do Minecraft. I like my game with levels and a point. Turbo loves it though--and happily builds and plays with friends too. We might have to get more bandwidth for our wireless.

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Friend request sent!
Funny, I hadn't played Minecraft in nearly a year, but Kalen's birthday request yesterday was that I play with him. We worked for awhile in Aimeeland, and the boys built Guest houses on my property, because I wouldn't let them live in my house.

So, no, I don't understand you and video games at ALL, obviously. ;-)


 Elizabeth Aquino

You scare me.

(and for those reading this who don't know me, I'm speaking ironically)


I almost always let Leo finish the level. Unless he keeps going further at which point I may "accidentally" turn off the game. The hubby is a big gamer so I'm used to the nonsense. Although he usually plays sports games and wastes his time updating all the players once they've been traded, terminated, arrested, etc. :)

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