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Elizabeth Aquino

I know both those boys -- and they're gems. Lucas is going to be famous one day as a rocker, so Jude will be happy to have known him "since they were kids!" This post made me laugh. Do you know that my son Henry got in trouble for the first time at his new school (the one those boys go to) for telling a dirty joke to a girl? Guess who taught it to him? A friend of his from the old school who learned it from his Cub Scout master. I'd tell Cullen and Lucas to watch out for Jude, if I were you.

Janice Adcock

This blog fills my heart with joy for you and your Jude. What fun to see your offspring begin that trip of a life that leads who knows where. To see him navigate successfully the rocky shoals of puberty. To be allowed a glimpse of Jude's social abilities, God given through both you and Jimmy. And it sure helps knowing there are lots of other good kids out there on the same journey, encouraging the younger ones along the way.


The ball droppage is killing me. I overheard teen boys one day at the park discussing it. I was intrigued. Had to ask my husband later, to which he only answered, "Why're you ballsy inquisitive? You don't even have any." And it's good to know that inappropriate to Jude is still ordinary age-appropriate stuff.

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