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Jan's Sushi Bar

Don't even go there. I have NO advice, because I live that life every. stinking. day.

I love my husband more than I can express - I must, because I haven't smothered him with a pillow in his sleep - but that's pretty much Beloved's MO. He has to have his say about EVERYTHING, and you cannot just pretend to be listening; he requires validation that you heard and understood.

Unfortunately, his memory sucks, and he doesn't remember what his say WAS after about, oh, half an hour or so. It makes for an interesting life during the times I need to get things done - LIKE GETTING EVERYTHING TOGETHER TO GET THE KID IN COLLEGE (which he made quite clear was MY responsibility, much in the same manner as Jimmy and the thermos).

You have my *deepest* sympathy.


I had to giggle over the 70s disco king hair--which I'm sure Jude "loves".
I have no advice but to weather the storm. This too shall pass?

My spin is up:

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