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I don't want to go outside. And yet, I do. Maybe I don't want to go into the woods? Can't we just go in the backyard? I am done with the mosquitoes IN MY HOUSE already and it's only June.

Ginny Marie

I wish I could send you some of our water...we had flooding again this week! It's been terrible. A lot of my friends have had their basements flooded for the second time this year. The pictures are great...it does look like everyone had a great time, but being at a waterpark when it's chilly is no fun!

My spin is up...late as usual, so don't worry if you can't link me up 'til later. :)



Getting out is always fun--but the fun changes. Finding the fun is all that matters.
Turbo is on the edge of the hormones too. He doesn't like to talk about girls, but he definitely notices them.


I am SO FREAKING jealous of your post-menopausal self! I will have to buy some tampons to burn when the time comes; that is a fabulous tradition. (I don't think burning the silicone Diva Cup would have the same affect...) Not even a SIGN of early menopause here, dagnabbit, and no family history on which to base when I might see it.

Anywho, the campout sounds fun, even with the disappointments.

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