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enjoy every second....


Bruiser gets a picture book before bed most nights, but it's been harder to work in reading time with Turbo--mostly because there's no really comfortable place to sit in his room. When we make time, alternating reading pages aloud works well for us and he enjoys it. I really need to try to set aside the time to do it more regularly.

My post is up and ironically, it's about my reading obsession:

The Red C

Love it! I can totally relate. Cassidy & I have moved on to reading the same books and chatting about them. We just read Animal Farm and I found her kid perspective very interesting ;)


I remember JR reading Newsweek, Time and the Economist to our then 2 day old baby. Almost, thirty years later and that baby never goes anywhere without a book.


We read every night. Now LG wants in on the action, so we pick a book he can "read" and one that either PB or I read. I love that Jude is into the old classics. You are right, though. They aren't really meant for little, little ones. I tried to read chapters of Winnie the Pooh to LG last year, and he just wasn't old enough to grasp the language. Time to try again! Wind in the Willows, huh?


You're right; the books have wonderful words that make the kids stop and ask what something means. We stopped reading every night (well, we stopped my reading to them every night, but I go to bed with a book as does my oldest. We're resurrecting bedtime books this weekend though because I can't let go.) I love reading the same book as my 12 yr old, then talking about it later. The 9 yr old still prefers I read to her and the boy, well, at 3, I'm just glad he no longer tries to rip the damn pages. But! He sits still for a book unlike most other activities so I figure he's got the gene of finding comfort in words and getting lost in imaginable lands.

Janice Adcock

Reading aloud is wonderful for all participants. It was once pointed out how much more meaningful the Bible can be when read aloud as it was before the invention of the printing press. Our Son chooses a book to read to his three boys when they are with him on vacations. The year they came to Missouri, he read them Tom Sawyer.

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