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Janice Adcock

So brings back memories of my childhood in Collin County. I can always count on your posts to bring joy to my day.

Why! My why? post is ready.


My brother once told me about hitting a deer with a full stomach and how the contents of the stomach ended up all over his engine...UGhh. Thanks for that visual, bro.

I love to think about the people that grew up near us, and who might have considered US different or strange. Isn't it funny how it seems to matter so much less as you get older?

BTW, the mountain lion story scares the heck out of me - I grew up where there were mountain lions and my kids do not stray far at all when we visit home.

Thanks for the great post! :)


Oh, my! I would have a life long fear of road kill if that had happened to me at any age! I wonder what kinds of treasures the Dump Man found in that dump? :)


I had to smile at the treasures of the Dump Man. We have a friend who grew up on a farm and he was a regular dump treasure hunter.

My spin is ready:


I'm smiling because truly, my mother used to leave me alone outside on the porch or in the yard with our German Shepherd, Snuffleupagus. What? We called him Snuffy. And oh, the roadkill. That picture you found on Google is one we have actually taken. The turkey buzzards we have are so large that they will stand in the middle of the road with their kill and turn their heads at motorists like motherf*cker what, I'm tryin'ta eat here.

It is nice to imagine that the Johnsons and other families met a good financial fate.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I, too, hope the cedar chopper families made a killing selling their land to developers, but the story? Yeah...grossed me out. That's hard to do, so be proud of yourself. :)

Ginny Marie

Mountain lions are so big, bigger than I ever thought they were! (There was one loose in Chicago a couple years ago, and seeing it on the news made me realize how big they really are!) I bet that scared your mom when Duane pulled up with one in his truck!

This post is just fascinating. I enjoyed reading a little bit about your childhood!

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