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I didn't do 5 missions but I think the one I did might count for five. Here it is http://michele-dogslife.blogspot.com/2012/12/new-years-resolutions.html?m=1
I will try to be a better spinner in the new year.


I wrote one to post tomorrow, but I don't remember if there are 5 on there, so...hope it's okay :-) I'll post the link tomorrow!


ok, so I guess I actually wrote it and posted it this morning :-) Oops

So here it is: http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2012/12/motivation-monday-new-year-edition.html

Janice Adcock

It is great to see all the good work folks are committing to for 2013.



I probably have more than 5 attainable missions for this year but you're right: most of those words suck. They are laden with pressure and guilt and none of us need more of that. (And please note that the minute I read mission I started to hear the Mission: Impossible music.)

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