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Janice Adcock

Tree and yard lights are the second most likely items to cause an argument and fit in this house. Usually me with the fit, a hissy fit is Gene tries to calm me down. I like the advent calender. My Wish List is ready for Santa and elves!

Stacy Uncorked

I'll doing the whole Christmas tree wrestling and decorating today - I'm a little behind on the festivities. I also have the same problem with the pre-lit tree only being half-lit - and wishing I was half-lit instead. ;)

I'm giggling over your blanket wars and almost black eye incident as well as that video. HI-larious!

Princess Nagger and I are competing on the Christmas carol front, too - she wins. ;)

Chicago Fire’s Fake Plane Crash, Christmas Shopping, Lego Minecraft Shortage, Pony Fun, Unconventional Cards – RTT Rebel


I remember my sister having lice but I never did. The good thing about having boys is you can just shave their heads if it ever happens! That video was pretty funny; I am not a cat person but that is totally like cats!


That video had me in stitches and since I'm at work I tried really hard not to pee a little. That just doesn't seem all that workplace friendly. :-)

Jan's Sushi Bar

My kids brought home lice not once, but twice. The first time, the over-the-counter stuff got rid (Nix, I think it was called) of them, but the second time the little buggers were resistant to all of the potions, lotions and shampoos that are designed to treat the problem - even the olive oil and plastic bag thing didn't work - and it took me FOREVER to get rid of them. In the end, I had to go to the doctor and get a prescription designed to treat scabies - it was horrible.

I'm impressed with how you handled the tree thing - I'd have been bawling with frustration. Every. Little. Thing. sets me off these days.


I found spiked eggnog at the liquor store and thought of you. I had to get some. It's far too good.
Lice isn't much of a problem here--I think it's too cold for them.


Oh my I have to get that Advent calendar!

And I love that Mariah's Carey song! Right now, I have Pandora playing classical Christmas songs all day. The reason they are classical is I played these last year because I read somewhere that when you are pregnant the baby needs to be exposed to classical music. And I'm too lazy to go in search of another station :-)


I damn near peed myself imagining you self battering! I'm sorry, but that is absolutely hilarious to me. The girls and I have been doing the all Christmas station as well. I get really still when Whitney sings Do You Hear What I Hear. And now I'm sad.

Quick, new subject: the tree! Our tree is still not up. But, we're getting one this weekend. I'll let you know how that goes (it never goes well. Ever.)


OMW, I can so relate to almost everything you wrote today: First off, I DID mess up my tree when I carried it--myself (1st wrong idea) up the stairs and it got caught; now there is just one row of lights that won't come on, so my fix was just to add another small string to it--but when I've had problems in the past, I realized I was making it WAY more complicated than it should be, to just be sure the numbered plugs/outlets go together (mine are in sections 1-4)and that any red-to-red are connected: I told my mom this and it helped her, as she was trying to plug all of hers into the same place...Fav song this season IS that Mariah Careys' song and I, too, can annoy the heck out of my only by hitting the high note, so I do...That video!!I just saw part of it yesterday on TV but not past the sofa part--Hilarious indeed, but as a longtime cat owner, the one part they have wrong is cats NEVER, EVER (in my experience) throw up on the floor: They HAVE to find the nearest rug or carpet to do so...Anyway, thanks for a great post! Happy Tuesday to you!


That video was so funny I just posted it on my facebook wall. Thank you!

Michele R

This post is hilarious!! You are a hoot!! OMW--dogs hearing you reach notes! That song is stuck in my head now.
P.S. I have meant to tell you that I have had to go to Aberdeen, SD twice this year and as recently as 4 weeks ago.


Lice is a PITA. ugh. Boo Boo got it twice in a month last spring. :P Olive oil is the best way to fix it.

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