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Awww, it's a cute bracelet. My sons do things like that for me and I, too, cherish them now, before they decide I suck.

Stacy Uncorked

Awwww! That bracelet is too precious! I'd be cutting off the circulation to my arm wearing it every day, too. ;)

Too funny you accidentally flagged down your neighbor while trying to get Jude to smile for pics... :)

That Herbst Appliance looks scary - my sister had to do what Jude is doing now to spread the palate bone (or whatever - the roof of her mouth was too narrow). Luckily Herbst never was in attendance. ;) I'm not looking forward to the first orthodontist visit for PN - she'll definitely need braces - and possibly other contraptions to fix the damage she's done from her thumb sucking. :/

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The bracelet is sweet.
We are staring braces in the face--Turbo has an under bite and it won't be long before we will have to fix it.

Julie Maloney  (@Momspective)

Aw crap, I didn't know the world was ending again. I'll have to put on my fancy dress for that one.

 Elizabeth Aquino

The end of the world is not this Friday, silly! It's next Friday, the 21st.

I hope I see you before then because I love you so.


I think tomorrow, 12/12/12 is the zombie apocalypse (I could be wrong. As The Bloggess.) But 12/21/12 is the end of the world. We have plenty of time left to buy water.

The bracelet is cute (even more so because it is clearly trying to kill you via slow wrist incision.) And braces. Boo. I get mine off in February, Chobe gets her on in March or April. How much are kidneys going for these days?


My daughter had the palette spreader. She will eventually need braces within the next six months but it really did the trick. Don't feed him spaghetti on the first night home from the dentist. Lesson learned. ROFL

Janice Adcock

Your blog never fails to make me smile! Well, except for the times you write about sad things where you are not wanting your reader to smile. Thanks for your randomness.


My Spin is up for Christmas memories.

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