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Merry Christmas, Gretchen. I never care when people wish me something I don't celebrate; it's the thought that I appreciate. Ick phooey to the peppermint, sorry (I've never liked the taste -- in anything, even gum! -- but I've always loved a good Peppermint Patty commercial. I've just never enjoyed that cool sensation.)

That is THE best coaster shot ever.

I'm sorry about the ice cream shoppe. But! I do hope he returns with something equally yummy or useful.


Very envious of your supper plans. I will think warm seafood thoughts this evening when I trying to sing around the icicle on my nose at church. At least, I'm making homemade miso soup to take and share with the choir.


Merry Christmas to you too Gretchen! Enjoy all that seafood - yummy!!


Merry Christmas.

Janice Adcock

We did not do my husband's Swedish mom's tradition of salmon soup on Christmas eve this year. But we did deliver freshly made cinnamon breads to about 8 of our neighbors on Christmas morning.

Hope you were very blessed over Christmas and the blessings will continue in 2013!

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