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Yes, oh my. One of the worst days I've ever experienced. I can't imagine how horrible it would be with a personal connection.

Those teachers are amazing.


I am struggling with it as well, even though I know no-one in CT. Honestly, it feels worse than 9/11 to me.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Please tell us Laura's children are all right. Please.

It's also passing strange that Kim should compare this with 9/11 - the only thing Beloved said to me as we watched this tragedy unfold on Friday was, "The only thing I can compare this to is how I felt on 9/11."

Babies. 20 babies. You're right...there are no words.


I am staring at the wall. I can't do the news. I can't. I AM SCREAMING AT NOTHING. And everything. I am praying for the families but then I immediately get angry that I can't do more. Twenty tiny boxes with babies in them. Like Alexandra at Good Day, Regular People wrote, where the fuck do you even find 20 tiny coffins (she probably didn't say fuck but my mouth seems to find no other word to repeat.)

The purposefulness of this, the sheer determination with which this murderer acted, yes, it reminds me of 9/11 but it also seems much much worse.


Oh my. Are you her children alright? My heart has just ached so much since Friday. It's just incomprehensible. I tried my best to write about it today but no words seemed appropriate.

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