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Here is mine for the week: http://www.viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2012/11/spin-cycle-disaster.html


Oh boy this was a hell of a read. That quake last year felt along the east coast proved to me that things, they is a changin'. (We lose power often but can never seem to keep working batteries in flashlights (because the kids play with them and we never force them to stop)).


I remember living in L.A. in the 80s. It seemed like there was a small shake every few months. It got so we would just ignore them. Of course, I had moved down from Seattle where earthquakes happen with some frequency.

Is Jimmy wearing scrubs? He was so forward thinking.


I miss Rodney the Cat. :) I was staying in Santa Monica with Kathy M. that night and my most vivid memory was just after dawn, driving down Ventura Blvd. after checking on Tom, and seeing my favorite shoe store with the glass blown out of the front, and the cutest cowhide boots hanging out from the window...

And further down the street Publix was on fire.

Surreal. I'll take a hurricane over an earthquake any day... :)

Ginny Marie

I have an old phone in the basement, and every time we lose our electricity, I get it out and plug it in! Very useful. I haven't been through a huge natural disaster, just some huge windstorms that have sent us to the basement. So no post from me last week! Hopefully I'll get back on the Spin Cycle bandwagon this week. ;)

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