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Terra Heck

That's definitely a different and unique Darth Vader costume. My 18 yoa teenage daughter watched Wreck-It Ralph and enjoyed it. Then again, she got to sit with the people she went with. There's definitely quite the variety of vodkas on the market today.


I love that commercial. And, you know you are officially menopausal f you weep just a little during it. Yes, I did.

PB&J vodka? Is so wrong.

Love love love the Princess Vader costume.


I cry at that Subaru commercial too!!! Oh, and the Chipmunks movies have got to be the worst OF ALL TIME.

Stacy Uncorked

I'd be in big trouble if I had an Aunt Grace coming for a visit - my house is a disaster!

PB&J vodka just sounds so wrong on so many levels...

That's a bummer you and Jude couldn't sit together during the movie - if that happened to me and PN, I wouldn't have wanted to stay. We are sort of interested in seeing Wreck It Ralph, but looking forward more to Rise of the Guardians. :)

That commercial did caused a misty-eyed syndrome! :)

That Princess Darth Vader is AWESOME!!! :)

Still Drying Out, Birthday Schemes and Dragon Eye Cake, Dino Moves: RTT Rebel


I'm really glad my mom has gotten over most of her underhanded comments about the state of my house. Not that she doesn't toss one in there on occasion, she just doesn't do it so often.
Turbo really wants to see Wreck it Ralph. WE will wait for the DVD. We just don't get to the theater that often.
PB&J Vodka?! That is just wrong on so many levels.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Okay - the pink Vader in a tutu? IS EPIC. I also admit to wanting to see Wreck It Ralph. Yes, I am weird.

As for the PB&J vodka, yeah, it sounds pretty disgusting, but I think I can beat it. The last time I was in the liquor store, I saw a display of bubble gum-flavored vodka. HALF-GALLON bottles of bubble gum-flavored vodka. You know, I *might* - somewhere in the deepest, murkiest depths of my imagination - be able to see a use for bubble gum-flavored vodka. But an entire half gallon??


GAG GAG GAGGITY GAG Why would you even subject us to that vodkanastiness? I liken it to my husband wanting me to watch a video of a horse having a pimple burst on his butt. THERE IS NOTHING TO SAY BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I don't care for the flavors but I will try them usually. This one though? AIN'T HAPNIN.

Zoe and the boy want to see Wreck it Ralph. I don't mind. There are some (I'm looking at you, Chipmunks! Also, Hop!) I refuse to see but I figure I can make it though Ralph. I subject my dad to the others.

I am there (I think) with the oldest girl and seeing different movies. She's 12 in a couple of weeks and although NO, YOU CANNOT SEE THE RATED R MOVIE, she is at last able to go to a different one from me.

The Bug

I love the stick man site - and since my boss is at the dentist I plan to spend several hours (ok, 20 minutes) enjoying it. Thanks for sharing it :)


OMG Pink Vader makes me wish I had a girl!


First off, I can't do the Vodka thing since college :-) Actually hard alcohol in general, but that's another story...maybe for another spin. But PB&J vodka? That is just wrong. Ugh!

Janice Adcock

Love the pink Vader! And will be sitting in UT bleachers on Thanksgiving Day!

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