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Karen and Gerard

I only have one pair of black jeans that are currently too tight (can't zip them up). I'm hoping to be able to wear them again at some point. It's hard to part with some of the clothes my husband bought for me that I just don't wear much.


What a gorgeous shot of you with the Mr.! I am pretty much the opposite. I tend to get rid of things really quickly only to later wish I still had this shirt or that dress to wear. I say if they mean a lot to you then hold onto them for sure!


Super cute dresses! and love that photo!


Those dresses are beautiful. I'm getting better about holding on to clothes, but there are still some things in my closet that technically shouldn't be there.
My spin is up:

Jan's Sushi Bar

In the back of my closet hangs the one and only cocktail dress I've ever owned. I only wore it once, to my 20th high school reunion, and I was smokin' hot that night, if I do say so myself. No, I'll never give it away...and I *have* a daughter (who has benefited immensely from Mom's Closet).

I love the pic of you and Jimmy, btw.


That shot of you and Jimmy...wow. I absolutely adore it, really I do.

I don't have anything I can't let go of anymore. I purge infrequently but plan on doing a bit around the holidays. I used to hold on to things but now? Nope. (Well, I do still have a dress of my daughter's, size 18 months, that she wore in my wedding). I am more of a purse keeper. I have at least 3 that I've had since right after high school, almost never carry, but they remain.


I'm not one to get attached to clothing...just everything else it seems. I do have my mother-in-laws wedding dress from 1940. Long ago I could wear it and it looked amazing! Now, not so much. I have no one to give it to but will never ever get rid of it.

The Informal Matriarch

I love the checkered one. Very cute! I still hang onto some dresses I don't need. Like two prom dresses...I don't think I will ever fit those again.


Save them for your daughter-in-law or a granddaughter.


Have you been to the Bettie Page store on Hollywood Blvd? I just walked past last week and they have fabulous holiday dresses that would look fantastic on you.


You are saving them for the hot gal with great taste who marries Jude. Duh!


That checkered dress is to die for. And the picture is awesome.

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