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Jan's Sushi Bar

I will not judge your Pillsbury crescent rolls, since I have a package of brown and serve rolls sitting atop our fridge. They are The Young One's favorite thing in the world...well, actually, that would be my made-from-scratch brown and serve rolls, but I am just not going there this year, sorry.

I don't know if a hefty bag is the best thing to brine the turkey in; there's a lot of chemicals in those things, not the least of which is a buttload of BPA. We brine ours in our largest stock pot, which is large indeed, but we also have more refrigerator room than the average household, having a second one in our garage. Next to our huge, standing freezer.

Yeah, we're a little mental. But you knew that already.


crescent rolls are awesome. My mom has gotten into making the WEIRDEST SHIZZ for Thanksgiving. Wild Rice salad? No words.

Sprite's Keeper

Wow, that sounds amazing! Sprite and I have the day off on Wednesday and we're in charge of desserts. The chocolate cream pie may be right up our alley! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jimmy, Jude, Aunt Grace, Mommy, Pop, and everyone. Much love!


We started brining last year. We have brined a couple chickens and another turkey since then. Wednesday I am in charge of brining the bird. Nick cooks the bird on the grill where it ends up grilled and smoked and absolutely Delicious. And with little work on my part, so I think it is a win.


Wow! Sounds divine --

Ginny Marie

That sounds delicious! Unfortunately, the sweet potatoes I eat will be smothered with marshmallows at my sister-in-law's house, but my children adore them. The marshmallow part only.


I'm with Ginny Marie on the sweet potatoes with marshmallow (oh, and diced pineapple). NOBODY BETTER NOT JUDGE NO CRESCENT ROLLS (as they are on my table as well all year long and twice on Thanksgiving.)


That all sounds amazing! And funny story - I made crescent rolls once, and I had to look up the directions online on how to roll them because the instructions on the can weren't clear enough for me :-)


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tina erickson

Thanks for the menu Gretchen. It's true about the Pillsbury Rolls--I love them too--lol! I'm happy you included the chocolate cream pie recipe. And, I see you're trying some new dishes--should be yummy. Peace and Love. Enjoy the Day of Thanks.

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