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Ginny Marie

That pumpkin bread recipe sounds awesome! And I was wondering about Casual Vacancy.

Have you ever read Divergent? The photo for Revolution looks like it's straight from that book! I need to check it out.

Happy Autumn!


GET. OUT. I started The Casual Vacancy this week too. I'm in chapter 9 and yup, enjoying it thoroughly (there were a few times it felt like she was trying too hard, but then -- whatever). With you on the pumpkin bread (and I like having one that's not store-bought because I rarely cook from scratch) and the scary movies (though I haven't been watching much tv lately. I've DVR'd a few things but then when I get the chance to watch I have no desire to do so).

Jan's Sushi Bar

Yay - a preliminary "it's pretty good" for J.K.'s new book! And I want that martini, made with some of this fresh-pressed apple cider we've been buying (between The Young One, Beloved and The G Man, we went through THREE GALLONS this week).

And my Spin is up: http://www.janssushibar.com/harvest/


Oh wow, that coffee looks amazing. Damn you, diet, damn you!


Hi! Autumn has FINALLY hit Seattle! Still not feeling the blogginess, but I had my first salted caramel mocha today...YUM, indeed.

Might have to try one of those martinis. Worth buying apple juice for, for SURE.

Second the recommendation to read Divergent.

I think I need some greige nail polish. The pinks aren't feeling right now that the rains have come...


The salted caramel mocha is the best ever! I swore I was going to forego it and have the spiced pumpkin this week...no, I gave in to the salted caramel!
Dang, I'm gonna have to check out those Gap jeans..this muffin top of mine has got to go!

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