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Terra Heck

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the storm too. Congrats on your first 5K. That's awesome! My 14 yoa son participates in them a lot. He loves to run. And it's great that you raised money for a good cause. Happy RTT.


Congrats on the 5K! You actually look great in the after picture. I know what you mean about helicoptering. I know the hard-core adherents would have told you not to bring the homework, but I also think a lesson can be learned from a "near-miss." In that sort of "this is a one shot deal, next time you're on your own" kind of way. I think a little bit of saving can also teach a positive lesson about grace for forgiving a mistake, as long as it doesn't become a habit.

Michele R.

Congrats on the 5k--so awesome!
I have done the same school work thing for my youngest. He saw me deliver it and saw I wasn't thrilled. He knows I saved his butt but then he knew why I began to get him up a little earlier and the night before had to get his room spotless and everything in backpack.
I hope Mommy is hanging in there!

unmitigated me

I might have done the sa.e withthe homework...but I am a big believer I. Love and Logic (Jim Fay). He would have said it was more important to help him learn to deal co structively with the consequences. Easy to say...hard to do.


I also try to let my sons make decisions for themselves, even if they result in failure. I try to give them the proper tools and information, however, so I guess you can just call that regular old parenting. :) I see A LOT of helicopter parents though. A friend of mine had her son visit another of their friends and that mom was amazed that my friend's son - almost 6 - could button his own shirt! brush his own teeth! and wipe himself in the bathroom! Amazing! My kids have been doing that for a while.


Who! Congrats on the 5k - way to go!


Oh, and good job on your race!!


Congrats on the 5K. As a parent of a son with epilepsy I appreciate what you've done.

Fingers crossed that Mommy and Pop are okay and haven't killed each other.

I helicoptered a bit when my youngest was in grade school. By middle school if he didn't have it figured out I spent one day following him from class to class with all the homework he had forgotten. Only had to do that once. The embarrassment factor worked wonders.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I don't think what you did was helicoptering - it was just parenting (of course, I may be biased because I do/have done that sort of thing all the time). When I think of "helicopter parents" I think of those parents who plan their kids' every waking moment, from school to activities to "play dates" (which I find incredibly stupid). I work with a helicopter parent, and he can't understand why his 9-year old daughter has to be on freakin' Prilosec.

Sarah at 32Flavors

The English translations are hilarious.
I cannot speak to helicopter parenting, because sometimes I think I err on that side. When Natalie was in kindergarten, I went into her room for something and saw her heart shirt on the floor. It was Valentine's Day, and I knew she was planning on wearing it that day. Instantly I realized she was probably still wearing her pajama shirt. If it had been Ella, she'd roll with it. But I knew Natalie was probably very secretly dying a thousand deaths. She wouldn't tell her teacher about it. So I ran to school with her shirt in my purse. She had her sweatshirt zipped right up to her chin. As soon as she saw me, she almost burst into tears. So I told her I needed to talk with her, and we sneaked into the bathroom for her to change. She was so relieved. I'd felt incredibly helicoptery on my way to school, but seeing her relief I knew I did the right thing for her that day.
So I guess I'd say if you made a habit of running Jude's things to school, maybe it's a problem. But occasionally, it's showing some mercy and love.


Good job on the 5k. I'm thinking about maybe doing one next summer, if the running goes well, when I can run outside again.
We have family in Brooklyn and they rode out the storm safely. Still, I'm thinking about all who are having a powerless time of it right now.


Prayers for mommy and pop. Hopefully they survive the power outages and don't kill each other!

Also, awesome job on the 5k. That is a lot of money raised!

Finally...I am also torn on the helicoptering. I think it was nice that you took Jude his homework. He was probably just scatterbrained. But he totally owes you! :)

 Elizabeth Aquino

Thank you so much, again, for running for Team Sophie and raising all that money! And thank for not posting an ugly photo of us -- lord knows, there are too many of those out there (at least of me!). I posted a photo of you on my blog that's lovely -- you were definitely the star on Team Sophie and I will be forever grateful.

What's happening with Mommie?


Hope your Long Ialanders are safe and sane! How did you manage the run with one water?! Oh my! I have brought a few assignments to school. He did the work!


How're Mommy and Pop? Power back on yet? How'd they fare otherwise (outside/the apartment, etc.)?

Congrats on the 5K. You are more runner woman than I, I tell ya that.

The signs are making me giggle, especially the last one. And yeah, girls have changed. Good thing Jude let you know.

Um. Helicoptering. (Giggling harder now b/c I have a post this week on just this topic). I'd have taken the work primarily because IS THE PILE HIS FAULT? Our dining room table is packed with crap. Papers everywhere: mail, bills, flyers, homework, you name it, that's where it lands. Sometimes the girls leave their homework there to be checked and maybe we forget and maybe they forget and maybe we aren't that good at helping them remember what they've forgotten. My point is: sometimes our kids do need to be taught the lesson of consequences for scatterbrainedness. And other times we need to keep the kitchen table cleaner.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I, too, am worried about Mommy and Pop - any news?

And my Spin is up - this one was easy, thanks to a certain little grandson.


Ginny Marie

I'm all for teaching responsibility, but I totally would have brought the homework to school.

Yay, Gretchen, both for running the 5K and raising over $500!

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