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 Elizabeth Aquino

I am just so grateful that you're running for Team Sophie and that you've raised so much money for our team! The fact that you're going to RUN at all is a magnificent, impressive feat! I have a tee-shirt for you, by the way --


Is it just me, or is it still Monday, even on the West coast?

Stacy Uncorked

WooHoo! Way to go Jude!!

I am LOVING Nashville, too! I'm hoping it sticks around for a while - as guilty pleasures go, it's one of the better ones. ;)

You are going to ROCK the 5K - after all, Jude takes after you, right? ;)

That multitasking kitty totally cracked me up!

Halloween Costume Plans, Warrior Cats vs. Angry Birds Birthday and more: RTT Rebel


Go Jude. Awesome that he has found his sport.
Turbo continues to strive for the side breathing with his swimming. As soon as he masters that, I fear we are headed to swim practices and meets ourselves.

Jan's Sushi Bar

6th place out of nearly 100 boys? Way to GO, Jude! I'm with Stacy, too - I think you're going to do just fine this Sunday.


Well dang. Sixth place out of a hundred? Good for him. I suspect you're both faster than you give yourselves credit for.

The multitasking cat made me laugh. Wantful makes me want and, well, TV. I'm just not into it lately, for anything really. I've even gone through the DVR and deleted things that I set up because I know if I'm truly honest I have no desire to watch them. Meh. I'm more intrigued by why it looks like she's stepping on poor Hayden in the Nashville pic and why Hayden's hands look impossibly small. Yes, I'm a weirdo. Your point?


Advice for the running? I'd say yes, stick to the middle of the pack because if you're too close to the front, sometimes you go faster to keep up and get winded. You can't always count on race day adrenaline either. Just keep a steady pace and think about finishing. :)


You are running for epilepsy? That is so awesome. My son (Dr. Boy) has epilepsy. do you know that next month is Epilepsy Awareness month? I'll be clicking on the link just after I grab my pocketbook.


Hooray for Jude! And hooray for you with your event coming up. I envy the discipline. That one show looks too scary for me, but has me intrigued!

Ginny Marie

Oooh, I can watch Nashville after I get home from choir practice! I'm always too wound up to go to bed, anyway.

Tales from the Crisper...funny stuff!

My spin is up...I don't know how spooky it really is, but here you go:


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