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Stacy Uncorked

Well? Where's the picture of the kick-ass volcano? :)

Glad your MIL came through the cataract surgery with flying colors - next month will be a cake walk! :)

FUNNY witch decoration!

COOL knife! :)

Sleepyhead, Crazy Sky Diver, Google Fun, Body By Vi Update & Crispy Sculpey: RTT Rebel


I recently got into Doctor Who and I am glad I did; it's cool. I think some people would recognize him; I'm finding out that a lot more people than i thought watch it.


So glad your MIL is okay! And good job, Jude!

Jan's Sushi Bar

Atta boy, Jude - you be a Whovian! I had the BIGGEST crush on Tom Baker as a teenager.


I have a friend who is a die hard Dr. Who fan. I have yet to jump on the Dr. Who fan boat yet, but I think eventually I'll have to. It really is something you can't jump into the middle of though.


I've never really gotten into Dr. Who but since you are the one that turned me on to all the other great British shows I'll have to give it a try.

Nice science project. It sounds like you went with the Texas state motto in its production; "Go big or go home!"

The Bug

My husband Mike recently took his history club to the local Renaissance Festival & while the other kids had on capes & leather (& Mike dressed as a pirate), one of the guys dressed as Doctor Who - bowtie & fancy screwdriver & all. Yes, he's a history nerd, but I think he's still really popular :)(You can see photo evidence of this on my Saturday post)


I literally LOL'ed when I read your comment about the homeless man. Because I've been there. I'm glad it made your day. And I'm sure you did look pretty!


TV and I are at a crossroads. I don't think there's any Dr Who watching in my immediate future. You're pretty though. Glad Mommy did all right and HELL YEAH I WANNA KILL ALL THE JEDIS TOO!

As for the volcano, good going. I tried to help Zoe with a project draft on Jupiter on Monday after having forgotten all weekend. I wound up answering the three basic questions for her, rushing that morning before school. Yeah. She was assigned Jupiter. I don't think I'm allowed to help should she come home with volcano requirements.


Awww, I thought of your Mommy when I saw the Mallomar display at the grocery store, but she got even better love in the mail--you are awesome! Loving the Sith!


Ha, love the witch!
Where's the pic of the volcano?
Here's my spin http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/chop-shop-nail-service/

Sarah at 32Flavors

It would make my day if anyone said I was pretty as well. Including a homeless person.
Hooray for Mommy's surgery going well!

 Elizabeth Aquino

I take any compliments that I can get. In fact, I've noticed for some years, that I appeal particularly to checkers and employees at Ralph's when I've been crying. Honestly, every time I've been crying (in the car or something) and then go in to pick something up, one of those guys tells me that I'm beautiful. It's weird.

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