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The Meaning of Me

You're right - this sounds amazing. I am not a pork fan, but this might make me convert.

Visiting from Mama Kat's! :)

Ginny Marie

Cooking with beer! You can't get any better than that! We just had the best pork roast at an Octoberfest, but this sounds pretty awesome!


You had me at beer! Here's my Spin for the week :-) http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2012/10/thats-what-makes-you-beautiful.html

Jan's Sushi Bar

Good heavens, this looks good. I'm intrigued that you make it with beef stock - I usually cook pork with chicken stock. And I rarely take time to tie my herbs, unless the recipe calls for a large amount of fresh thyme, in which case tying the sprigs together with kitchen twine and fishing out the stems at the end is much, much easier than stripping all those teeny leaves. You can always strain or pick out the cloves and peppercorns if you have to.

Alas, I cannot cook with beer due to my problems with gluten (it does not help that I don't really care for beer in the first place). Now, having said that, I am going to cook one of those pork jowls in my freezer this weekend - the original recipe calls for beer, but I'm going to use hard cider. I'm ridiculously excited about this, and I'm not sure why.


That sounds wonderful. So cozy and warm and snuggle and comfort like.
My spin is up:


Awesome. An excuse to buy beer and gin.

Mo @ The Baby Is Fine

Sounds delish! Glad to hear I can just dump all the spices and whatnot in there...cuz that's as far as my chef-skills will go.


Great posting! Thank you so much for giving the recipe and the procedures. I would definitely try it cause it looks so delicious.

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