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Tells you how much I pay attention to commercials. Now I can point it out and say "I know that person". How cool is that.

Congratulations on not having to work a "day-job" for as long as you have.

Michele R.

I am raising my mouse to you for making your living at what you wanted to do. Your daddy was right about you in comedy. Love the commercial. I saw you on our TV the other day when everyone was in the living room and Seinfeld was on. I said, "Oh that's my friend."
I have Spun today:


Ginny Marie

You can! You can! I am always in amazement at the wonderful blog posts you publish on a regular basis. I know you can write that book! I waste such a large amount of time online not even doing anything. If I could disable my internet connection for a couple hours, I often wonder how much writing I could get done. (The fact is, I'd probably find something else to waste my time. I can't sit still for very long, which is one of the reasons I became a teacher!)

Jan's Sushi Bar

As someone who is writing a book (a cookbook IS a book, after all), I can tell you in no uncertain terms that yes - the biggest obstacle to your goal is making time for it. I, too, am (unbelievably)disorganized and a procrastinator - a piddler, too, yes - but you CAN make time for it. Not necessarily all the time you *want*, certainly not all the time you *need*, but it can be done. Jude, his school, Jimmy, the house, the choir, won't all implode if you spend a few hours a week doing this for YOU. Auditions might be something else, at least until you actually begin to make money from your writing.

You CAN do this. The fact you should goes without saying.


Good luck! One thing you might try is speaking your thoughts to a recorder and then transcribing them--it's a way to get started. Since it's your own words you can fill in around them as you type.
Making the space to have an office type area is key. When I worked from home having a room I could go to and know while I was there I was working helped tremendously. Even if I only spent 15 minutes there, I was in my work area.


Love the commercial! And I'm like you...I have a hard time focusing b/c I do spend way too much time screwing around on the Internet.


Meager livings rock, especially when they're on your own terms; I'm proud of you. Also, shake it, but don't break it.

I get this so very much, especially this: I piddle. I play. I procrastinate. I don't know how to make myself do the work. That's me exactly. I have at least one novel and two or three pre-teen novels all swimming in my head at once. I know I just need focus but where do I get that? Was I supposed to have been born with it? Taught it by my parents? Acquired it in high school? Through work experience? LIFE HAS FAILED TEACHING ME THE STUFF I NEED.

I'd say start small. Make the attic space but you'll still need to be comfortable writing anywhwere; don't start to feel like you HAVE to be up there to write. Blogging less always feels funny, I agree. But, it is essentially taking away from what we truly want -- a completed novel or 5 -- so it has to take a back burner.


Here's what I did when I got the itch earlier this year to finally compile a book...I cleaned the house, picked up and rearranged the spare bedroom to make it a writing space. Put the files on the old computer in the spare bedroom because it doesn't have internet access--no temptations Hmm, what else should I mention? Oh, that IT DID NOT WORK!!!!!! I wish you well dear Gretchen...perhaps we could just nag each other--I haven't tried finding a nag yet (that sounds less pleasant than a muse, would you prefer to be called that?)


Putting aside time is the hardest part of any writing project. I have two that I am working on and beyond the outline and introduction I'm piddling. This is not to mention the one painting sitting on my easel and the two that are drawn but paint hasn't touched the canvas.

50 year old women shake our booties better than anyone! You go!

Sprite's Keeper

Drat, I need to look up the commercial. It won't play.. You can totally do this. And when it comes out, I will buy it. Simple process, really. ;-)

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