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Terra Heck

I'm not one for sports but have been watching my fair share of the Olympics. My 14 yoa son is obsessed with it and it gives us something we can talk about together. I have a tshirt that plays on "Keep Calm and Carry On". It says "Keep Calm and Drink a Beer".


I wasn't quite sure if the divers were gay but then after interviews, it was confirmed. LOL. And yes! Lochte is ridiculously dumb, isn't he? See, I went to FSU so since he went to UF, I can poke fun of him b/c of our rivalry anyway. Heh heh. Happy Tuesday!

Sprite's Keeper

I had been ignoring the Lochte-ness Monster for the entire Olympics, and now I know why. Ugh!


Turbo is totally inspired by the swimming too. He's eager to get back to lessons and then on to the team. I'm happy he could see what swimming could be, even if he doesn't go that far with it.
We are mostly over watching right now--not huge track and field fans here.


I totally agree with you on synchronized diving/swimming. It really is pretty gay, isn't it?

Jan's Sushi Bar

*blink* There's men's synchronized diving? (Guess who hasn't watched one minute of the Olympics.) Although, I have to say that your FIL is a doll to rent a DVR just for Jude to watch the games on. I'd also suggest Mommy look on eBay for some VCR tapes, but that may confuse her, too.

I want that poster for my kitchen. It's canning season, you know...

Mom in High Heels

I ♥ you so hard right now it's ridiculous. I feel like I've found my long lost twin. This is the best post I've read all day.


Do you want the poster, or greeting card size to frame for your kitchen? Love that your boy got his urge to swim back...go Jude! I am right up the road (ok a few hours up) in Central New York---there could be cookies!


Hey, wanted to let you know my Spin is up!


I really think Lochte's problem is a Phelps inferiority complex. Lochte would have totally dominated this Olympics if Phelps wasn't out there dominating it. I think he got his hopes up when Phelps slacked for a while, but then Phelps uber-trained for the Olympics and guess what? He's still the world's greatest swimmer. So Lochte feels he needs to fight for attention somehow. If it can't be by consistently dominating in the pool, then he's going to take it to the shoes. I wonder if he'll still be as big of a douche once Phelps truly isn't racing anymore.

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