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Jan's Sushi Bar

I just love Mommy posts! Thank you!

BTW - that pie should be illegal. Just sayin'.

(And consider yourself voted for.)


Mommy is the best!
Have a safe trip back home.


I love all of mommy's earrings! Safe travels!


I have to admire Mommy's earring collection. I have always said that my earrings should reflect what is happening in my life. Since, everything else on my body is heading south my earrings need to get longer and longer. I have the same opinion about tattoos. Ask me about it sometime.


Mommy is hilarious, even though I know it's your description of her that's funny, not her herself. I really like that slutty top, especially the color. We leave our Christmas lights up all year and Nat King Cole's the Christmas Song came on the iPod the other day and NO ONE made a move to turn it off.

Safe travels. When does Jude start school?


You know I love Mommy so much.

Thank you for sharing her with us --


Pops totally deserves it!


She is UNBELIEVABLY Awesome.

Tina Erickson

Mommy looks great, it's no wonder all the men go after her. I'm sure she misses you all very much--we're so sad for mommy--yummy cake recipe, thanks.

Sprite's Keeper

Take THAT, Pop! (I may be a little bitter about the whole thing.) (Team MOMMY.)


I'm with Jen - the bitterness is there, a little bit.

The earrings are awesome. Hey, if you've got the neck for 'em, wear the big ones!

Welcome home! We've missed you on the Left Coast.


This is why I missed blogging. I needed my dose of Mommy stories! Can you really clean dishes with ivory? Seems... yucky.

Michele R.

I really like Mommy's orange shirt you bought--I would wear that. Do you talk to Nikki about the Mommy-isms? My sister-in-laws and I get a giggle sometimes over the way my MIL does some things.
I love seeing the mutual adoration between you and your in law family. I am sure they think the day Jimmy met you was the luckiest of days.


Guilt? Wait, does she know my mom? :-)


Hey, my spin is up:

Ginny Marie

I voted for you yesterday! And I have no idea why Mommy would use a bar of Ivory, but it is probably better for the environment than all the liquid detergent we use.


I love it, she washes her dishes with ivory soap. I bet they are soft as a babies butt!:)I wonder what my kids would say about mel


Thank you for sharing mommy with us, and that fabulous recipe too! She carries those earrings like nobody else could!

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