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You ARE lucky, but of course you already know that. I am glad you and Jude both have this time with them all. I know it's hard to imagine what it'll be like when they're gone. Here's to hoping you have many years before that thought occurs again.

My children know my parents but they know my father better. My mother lives perhaps 20 minutes away yet they only see her at birthdays and holidays. They see my father multiple times a week and talk to him on the phone as well. I am grateful for that. My husband's parents are still here as well, as is his 94 year old grandmother (who you'd look at and swear she isn't a day over 75). She is the most active elderly person I know. I am beyond grateful that my children still have the ability to talk to her (and yes, question her incessantly about life in the 20's).

Jan's Sushi Bar

I've ALWAYS been aware of how much you adore them, because you DO "whine and gripe" about them. If you didn't love them to death, you wouldn't write about them at all (notice the lack of mention of my family, beyond Beloved and our children, on my blog). You are so very, very lucky to have them in your life.


The nuttier - the funner. For real!

Sprite's Keeper

Can you please tell Mommy, that I am 35 and her arms are nicer than MINE??
I do understand though. Sprite loves her "adopted" great-grandparents so much and only gets to see them a handfull of times out of the year. Every time we see them, Sonny, my own "adopted" grandfather warns John and me that he probably won't make it to the next time we come down. (He's been saying this since before Sprite was born.)


I understand exactly. Except I'm seeing it with my grandparents. I'm of course very lucky to still have a great-grandparent still alive but every time I see any of my grandparents I can see the toll their age is taking on them. And the fact that it can change drastically in a short amount of time. Good for Jude for letting them hug and kiss him at his age! :)


Gretchen, this is a beautiful tribute to our family, I have always said that when it comes to in-laws, and that of course includes Aunt Grace, we hit the jackpot. No two women were ever blessed by such a wonderful extended family. Unfortunatly, every thing you have said about their decline is true and it breaks my heart too. But it's not over till it's over and there is still a great deal of life there left.


You are so lucky that you have such a great family.
Having family that accepts you for you is wonderful. As nuts as my mom makes me, and as crazy as Nick's dad makes us, we know they love us. And they are fantastic with the boys.


I feel your pain as my parents are 81 and 84 and tho healthy and still physically able I can see decline but at this age I guess it's expected tho not welcome I am sure either by them or me. It is great that you are spending time with them and letting them know Jude...... they are all fortunate for that and you are a good daughter-in-law and niece. the scary part is that someday our children will also be echoing what we are thinking now. It's just the circle of life, isn't it?
Time stands still for no one.
Hope the rest of your trip in NY is wonderful.


I can feel the love you have for your in-laws and how wonderful that you and Jude get to spend this amount of time with them every summer. I also love it when you are there as we get all the great stories and they always make me laugh. Thanks for sharing them with me!

Ginny Marie

Sweetest post ever! Jude will be so happy you took him to New York every summer. :D

My work post is up! http://www.lemondroppie.com/2012/08/dreaded-question-for-sahms/

geri desantis

Gretchen it breaks my heart also. I remember the day Mary entered my life to help me with my girls. We had such great times together and she was the "Mom" I never had. Both of my girls who are grown woman and moms themselves never forget Mary. She and the whole family are truly a blessing to me and my family!

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