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No wonder you are exhausted! You just jam-pack your days! All I did this weekend was be lazy and I still was exhausted! hopefully you get a break today!

And here is my spin...in bright and early! :)

Julia's Math

Rule 3 is awesome. PS it takes an hour a day (supposedly) to get back on track. Good luck.


Going east to west is always harder than going west to east. I'm still getting up earlier than I'd like to from our trip and the time difference is only three hours.
Yay for back to school--Turbo goes the day after Labor Day. I'm ready even he's not.


I'm still catching up from our vacation and it was over two weeks ago. Yay for kids in school!

Sprite's Keeper

Does #3 only extend to bikinis or can I attach it to pretty much anything?

Jan's Sushi Bar

I've been in the throes of menopausal exhaustion for a week now, and just reading this has sapped me of what little energy I possess.

Oh, and what Sprite's Keeper said.

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