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I had a dream that I got a high five from Barack and I was telling everyone about it! Very odd. Sad thing is, I don't even really keep up with presidential news. Weird. Anyway, happy Tuesday!


Hope your trip goes well.
I will be doing laundry and packing next week. But if I didn't pack for the boys--they'd be naked inside of three days.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I've seen the photo of the dad with the daughter, and yes, I give a big cheer secretly every time I think about it. It's certainly not as harsh as the Dad who published the YouTube video taking exception to what his daughter posted on Facebook, then shooting her laptop with a pistol.

As for the dream...well, if I'd had it, it could be interpreted as Mr. Obama performing a job and giving advice for which he is clearly not qualified, while trying to make you feel good about it anyway. I know our politics differ somewhat, so perhaps it means he makes you comfortable. Or at least more comfortable than Mitt Romney. ;)

Julia's Math

I want to stand up and applaud the father punishing his daughter. Can you imagine if more parents were involved? Is that website at the bottom calling him a "fail"?! I found you on Stacy Uncorked's blog hop. Glad I did!


For some reason, I am truly simply NOT into the Olympics. I haven't watched a second. Is that unpatriotic? If it were on, I'd watch, but it hasn't been (although the girls are obsessing over it, they do so in the basement where I rarely go because no matter how many times I deodorize, it smells like wetness. Like water pooling under the washing machine and staying for days because someone's husband doesn't seem to think this is a funky issue, let alone bug enticing, let alone dangerous around outlets. Not that I'd know what that smells like, of course. Ahem).

I am conflicted sometimes by public displays of parenting but usually have an overwhelming hell yeah for the parent.

Backrubbing Barack, huh? Was it at least good for you?

You are so much better than a 9.


I didn't think I was into the Olympics, but we have watched more different events so far this year than I have ever seen. Water polo, handball, fencing, badminton...awesome! You go #9 girl! Anything in the Top 10 deserves a round of applause (actually being mentioned at all, but wow to you!) You're coming to New York? To see me? Oh, no, probably for that little old BlogHer thing, huh? Have a wonderful time!


I have thought about the dream.. I have some odd off the wall dreams so I bought a book... but I still can't come up with any answers to yours. I guess you are good with our prez!

I haven't watched the games. I think I'm the only person on the planet that hasn't that owns a TV. I'd rather watch reruns of Dr Who and Supernatural. Don't get me wrong. I love track and field and gymnastics! I used to turn cartwheels and flips to Nadia's music I taped from the TV. I nearly peed my pants when I found out SHE Lived in Oklahoma and married Bart Conners!!!! OMG!!!!!! But I just can't get into it now.


I wish we could have planned our trips better. I'm going to be on the west coast while you are on the east coast. It just doesn't seem fair. Have a fun and safe trip.

Sprite's Keeper

People can say whatever they want about that dad. At least, he's an involved parent.
And #9! Go you! And you came in way ahead of some other famous faces. :-)

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