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Good for you and good for Jude!

I've always said that I only run when chased but have found myself doing it more and more (that fat isn't going to burn itself off). Good shoes make all the difference.

Jan's Sushi Bar

You are so full of awesome. I don't run, period, so I'm going to be toast when the zombie apocalypse comes.

However, a coworker (who has been doing Crossfit for the last month) and I have been whipping each other into a frenzy over the Whole9-sponsored Whole30 that is beginning August 1st. Who knows, I may actually *complete* it this time.

He's also harassing me about actually exercising during the Whole30, so I guess I'll go down into the basement and dust off the Bowflex and treadmill. Maybe I'll be able to beat the zombies up...


Cool shoes! I still need to buy myself a new pair. I've always wanted to jog; it feels so freeing. But, my knees hurt so very badly when I do that I've never given it serious consideration. I just need...something. Some kind of movement outside of yoga.

Sprite's Keeper

In honor of your running achievemnet, I will run on my treadmill tonight too. Or at least walk by it, which isn't too hard considering it's right next to the only exit in my bedroom. :-)


Yay you and Jude!
One of my favorite memories is doing a "funrun" with both of my boys...and we all placed in the tops for our age brackets. Ok, oldest got first, youngest got fifth, and I got eleventh...I had to carry youngest for the last stretch! And I pulled my hip out when I slipped off the pavement, but still it was a blast. (Maybe I need to blog about it, huh?)

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