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Yay! Jude's team!
I am not in the least surprised that those purses are made in Texas. People here do take their guns to church. It is insane. I always wonder why they don't go to another church.
I love Stacy's wine and I'm not much of a sweet wine drinker either. I used one bottle as a reduction and it was wonderful. Another one is sitting on my counter turning into vinegar for salad dressing. It will make a perfect dressing and no sugar needed, win!. I still have a bottle of her coffee liquor.


Ooh, I like the spin cycle topic; I used to use Wordle for those kind of collages too. Looking forward to doing it this week.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I am so jealous of your Princess Nagger wine. We own a bottle, with a special G Man label, but Beloved won't let me open it.

You're getting a spin out of me tomorrow, although I'm still playing with the app. Would you be surprised to hear that so far my word collage is in the shape of a giant pig? I didn't think so...


I'm still working on what to put into the word collage--I've done a couple of other on a different site and they are fun, but coming up with the words to put in is a bit more challenging.
Go Jude! Turbo is not very sports inclined so we haven't had to do baseball and soccer, but I think Bruiser will want to, so it's only a matter of time.
Those purses are cute and I'd use the secret pocket to hold the treats I didn't want my kids to have, not for a gun.


I worry about the gun holster that is in the bra!! I'd shoot off a nipple trying to drag it out!


Well Texas does like their guns. I want wine now! Three out of four is better than dead last (although everyone's a winner right? I'm supposed to say that, right?). Also, I'ma need that sweater you're wearing.

Stacy Uncorked

I'm so glad you loved the wine! That makes my heart happy. I'll have to check with Princess Nagger what sort of Hollywood item she'd like - you're too kind! :)

I LOVE that picture of you and Jude with "Uncle Fester" - and LOVE that sweater you're wearing. ;)

WooHoo! for Jude's team! 3rd place is awesome, because bronze looks so much like gold. ;)

Only in Texas, right? I like Vandy's idea of keeping candy the kids can't have in that secret pocket. ;)

Summer Heat, Christmas in June, Misspelled Fun, and 20 Mules

Sprite's Keeper

I think the drug dealers would get a bigger kick out of that purse with the hidden compartment. No one would ever think to look..


I haven't cracked open my wine from Stacy yet because I thought I wanted to share, but maybe I really don't want to share, huh?

Was just contemplating seeing the Addams family when it plays in our town later this year...maybe I should consider bringing the kids!


Guns make me nervous.


This has nothing to do with this post, but rather a post from a few weeks ago, and I'm only telling you this because I think you are the only one who can truly understand my pain.

This morning I got this email:

"Thank you for subscribing to The Orange County Register, through the Register's exclusive partnership program. We've received your subscription order form, along with your 2¢ payment for your 1 year Sunday home delivery subscription."


I made the MISTAKE of signing up for this Register deal like 3 years ago because the teenaged son of a friend was raising money for marching band or something, and I CAN'T GET THEM TO LEAVE ME THE F ALONE!!!

I'm going to be getting this paper until I die.

Suzette Wofford

Hello Gretchen!

Thanks for the positive comments that you made about our handbags. Yes, we do have on our website the disclaimer that you made reference to; it also states that our bags are intended for use by those licensed to carry a concealed weapon only. In Texas, you must complete a safety training course, pass a shooting test, and undergo a background check before your license can be issued.

Safety is of utmost importance in our design process so we make the gun pocket completely separate from the rest of the purse. By keeping the contents of the purse separate from the actual weapon, most likely, the only way it would discharge while looking for your cell phone is if you put your phone in the pocket with the handgun, which we do not recommend.

We carry our handguns in our purses wherever it is legal for us to do so. This includes dark parking garages, store parking lots at night, or anywhere else that could be potentially dangerous for a woman to travel alone. Crime can happen anywhere but, so far, simply being aware of our surroundings has prevented us from becoming victims. We have never had to use our handguns, however, the security of knowing that we can protect ourselves if the need arises is very comforting.

Although there have been several comments on this post about Texans and their guns, most of our inquiries and sales have been from out-of-state clients.

Thank you again for the positive feedback on our purses. We think they are cute and whimsical, as well.

Suzette & Sondra
Lucky Squashbuckler, LLC

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