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Stacy Uncorked

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK, I can't stop laughing at what Jimmy packed for you. HI-larious.

I'm SO glad it wasn't appendicitis - the image you painted of Jude being perfectly fine after he farted cracked me up. And I still marvel at how uncannily he and Princess Nagger are SO much alike. :)


So, well, that must have been a relief for both you and Jude.
I don't trust Nick to pack a bag for anyone but himself without strict and explicit instructions. I let him pack once for Turbo when we were going camping--he packed one t shirt, one pair of shorts, one pair of pants, unders and socks for a five year old for five days of camping. He has never packed for the boys again.
Oh, my spin is up:

Jan's Sushi Bar

You live with two of the sweetest and most amusing men on the West Coast, but I figured you knew that already.


Oh so glad it was gas (I am not saying JUST gas, because boy can that hurt...obviously). We had a similar occurrence here four years ago-the doctor's office was telling me to wait until my daughter's pain had lasted at least 2 hours, as I had an eight year old screaming at me to get her to the hospital...then as I grabbed my keys...she farted...

Maybe you should stash an emergency bag somewhere that is already packed. Nice that he had your comfort in mind?


Haha. So funny. Hopefully the gas came before you paid a co-pay at the hospital! :)


You know he hates that ratty old bra you had on! OMG I'ma die I'm laughing so damn hard. And yeah, gas. It is AMAZING how much it can hurt -- you're all I'm having a heart attack, I've got appendicitis, which side are my kidneys on because they're failing, which arm falls asleep when it's a stroke, I never did finish my will on that free website...and it's gas. Still. Glad it was just gas.

Sprite's Keeper

This reminds me of a poem I wrote about when Sprite suffered the same malady. John said she was full of crap. And she was. :-)

Just the two of us

This might solve another problem.... Just tell Jude that bad gas pain in the side is caused when you like girls. This will give you another year or two without girl worries. :)


Never a dull moment --


So glad that it was nothing and that Jude is feeling better.
I learned early on that having JR pack anything for me was a waste. At one point he even tried to give up packing for himself. I put an end to that very quickly. Now, if he forgets something, well tough luck.


I'm still laughing about the bag that Jimmy packed for you! Hilarious. I am so glad that Jude is ok!

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