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It always amazes me when I forget that I "should" be checking Twitter, updating Facebook, checking my email, seeing if I've missed calls, adding to Instagram BLAH BLAH BLAH. Those days that I go on Twitter and realize it says 9 hours ago...I haven't missed a thing, not really. If it was life altering I'm sure I'd have gotten a text. ;op

I'm glad Camp Mama is going well for another year. Camp Mama Abbreviated to Weekends is going well for us.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Well, I'd encourage you to leave the phone at home, but then how would you take pictures of that sweet boy having fun every Friday? You wouldn't, so...don't forget your phone next week. :P


Baby powder!?!?! this will be my 13th Cape Cod summer time vacation with sandy kids and I never knew. I am going to be all that and a container of baby powder next week!!!

Sprite's Keeper

Gotta love Camp Mama! Can I sign up a camper for next year?


I found out that without a fire, camping is less fun. Sitting around a lantern just doesn't have the same feel (it draws the bugs in). Having a smart phone is pretty nice at that time was nice.
Am very jealous of your beach time. That has been seriously lacking here.


I am not a slave to my phone if I don't have it, but if I have it I can't stay off of it. So the days I accidentally forget it I'm not too concerned. Hope you have more forgetful days and enjoy that beach with your boy!


I am the same way about my phone (thought not an iphone); it's sometimes nice to disconnect. Remember the days when we WEREN'T tied to that little piece of electronics??

Jake Alexander

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I love going to the beach in Cape Cod. It is very clean and enjoyable. I am trying to find a Cape Cod vacation rental home for the summer.

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