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Boo Boo heard the work coccyx and asked me what it was - I explained and she LAUGHED AND LAUGHED - then promptly got in trouble at daycare for saying it because her daycare lady thought she said an entirely different body part.


Hand raised for being the same...there. I am virtually hairless too, slight fuzz on my arms NOTHING on my legs. But the lady garden? Its vines are TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL ALL THE TIME. I have been waxed twice. The first time was at this swanky hotel all the women at work swore by. The woman wanted me panytless and it was the most uncomfortable thing, to be there nekked from the waist down for someone not my doctor or my husband, especially when she pulled out tweezers after. The second time at a less swanky place, the woman called me a baby and yanked harder. I have resigned myself to remaining bushy (until such times that I ask my husband to help a sista out with the clippers).

Justine Cricks

Did Jude say something before you explained to him what Tessa was doing? If he understood it right away, I can say that he is a smart child. So, do you still feel pain after every procedure? Just make sure to apply antiseptic cream or lotion to cool and soothe the pain after the procedure.

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