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Beautiful!!! Here's my post for the week: http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2012/05/picture-that-moment-in-time.html

Ginny Marie

That is such a great story! I love your idea of collecting Grandma art.


HA! The roundabout way they came to you is funny. Speaking of mediocre grandma art...I could send you something. Watercolour or oil?

Jan's Sushi Bar

Well, jeez - I didn't have any photos to really blog about, and blogging about paintings never crossed my mind. I think I mentioned that I have 3 of my mother's paintings hanging in my living room, and I could have talked about them. My bad.

As for next week's topic...are you sure you want me to go there? :)


We used to have some paintings from Nick's Grandma. I think right now we only have the frames. She really supported Nick's artistic endeavors and Nick has some of her art books still, but I don't think we have any of her art still.
My spin is up:


Now that is a cool story! Funny how certain things comfort and ground us.

Sprite's Keeper

Small worlds usually have the biggest punchlines! How awesome for your paintings to come full circle! \
I have got to pave some time for next week's Spin. I need to vent about something!


I like your paintings! If they make you happy, that's all that matters. My sister has a paint by number painting, done by a sort of relative, probably in the 1930's or 40's. My sister liked it so much, she had it matted and framed, and it looks great!

Loved your story!


So crazy! And cool that you were able to get those pictures.

Here is my spin for this upcoming week!



I forgot to link it. Sorry!


I don't have any grandma art for you, but I LOVE the story.


Hope you love to hate it:


I do have my husband's Grandma Art, but I love it. You can have his Terry Redlins. PU!


I have my own Grandma art, but you can't have it! It's a Mary Hickman (my paternal grandma), and it's hanging in on my gallery wall in my dining room. (It's the tree: http://aimeewrites.com/day-19-on-display-part-ii/)

LOVE this story. And the "small world" connection. So awesome!

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